Creative Arts Education
Virtual Fair

Your opportunity to speak directly with over 20 Universities and Colleges from Canada specialized in creative arts.

Explore a career in Interactive (Mobile, Web Design, Multimedia); Audiovisual (Animation, Film, Video, Audio), Digital Marketing, Virtual Reality, Art, Video Games, and much more.

Exclusively for LATAM students

This online event will help you find your perfect university match and achieve your goal of studying overseas!

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When is the event?

Thursday, 25th March, 2021

CDMX: 04.30pm – 07.30pm
Bogotá: 05.30pm – 08.30pm
Santiago + Buenos Aires: 07.30pm -10.30pm

What happens at the Canadian Creative Arts Education Virtual Fair?
  • Meet privately with Canadian post-secondary education institutions.
  • Chat live via text, audio and video calls.
  • Discover special study opportunities in different Creative Arts areas.
  • Attend a Master class with experts in digital animation for free.
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How does the Canadian Creative Arts Education Virtual Fair work?

Register for the free event
Discover study opportunities offered to Latin American students.

Connect online
Talk privately with Canadian education institutions.

Solidify your plans
Review your notes and follow up with your favorite institutions.

Participating Universities & Colleges

What will you find at the event?

Ask any question and receive immediate, personal advice from admission experts and government officials.


Where to Study

Which province and course is right for me? College or university?

Financial Advice

How much will it cost? How can I get student discounts? Can I work in Canada?

Visa Application

How do I apply to the Visa ? May I apply to inmigration after /during my studies?

Health and Safety

Do I need insurance? Where can I get it? Is it safe? What's their COVID-19 plan?

Bachelor's Degrees

Master's Degrees



Short Executive & Certificate Courses

Canadian Creative Arts - Live Seminars

Thursday, 25th March

6:00 pm
6:25 pm
Oportunidades de estudio con instituciones canadienses.
Bogotá Time
6:30 pm
6:55 pm
Sesión de información: visas y permisos de estudio.
Bogotá Time
7:00 pm
7:25 pm
Start Here, Go Anywhere: Explore Educational Options at Langara College.
Bogotá Time
7:30 pm
7:55 pm
Rol del politécnico en tu transición estudio-empleo.
Bogotá Time
8:00 pm
8:25 pm
Study in Saskatechewan.
Bogotá Time